JewCCY events aim to foster relationships between Jewish youth of the Greater New Orleans Area. JewCCY 3rd-12th graders partake in Social, Jewish and Social Action events:

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JewCCY (9th-12th grade)
Monthly Events

JewCCY Junior (6th-8th grade)
Every Other Month Events

JewCCY Jewce (3rd-5th grade)
Five Events Per Year

Upcoming JewCCY Events

Upcoming JewCCY Junior Events

Upcoming JewCCY Jewce Events

JewCCY’s 11th Birthday Party

For 3rd-5th graders! This year we have missed many birthday parties! Don’t miss JewCCY’s 11th birthday party THIS SUNDAY at 12pm at the uptown JCC!

Participants MUST RSVP to attend!

See future events with JewCCY’s Google Calendar!

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