As JewCCY continues to navigate the new realities, our goal has not changed – promote leadership skills, build community and engage teens with interesting programming. We just have to think differently! 

You can help us offset these costs by making a generous donation to our JewCCY Programing Campaign. A donation of:

  • $72 will supply PPE for one socially distanced program
  • $180 will cover 1 participant’s event costs for the whole year
  • $360 will buy the program supplies for JewCCY Jr. and JewCCY Jewcs’s 11 programs
  • $540 will buy the program supplies for JewCCY Sr.’s 12 programs
  • $1,000 will subsidize transportation costs for future out of town events 

I hope you will consider helping JewCCY continue to create an inclusive Jewish community, sustain strong friendships and Jewish identity, and empower youth leaders through action by making a meaningful donation today.

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