Jewish Crescent City Youth

Jewish Crescent City Youth (JewCCY) is a youth organization that seeks to build the identity of Jewish youth and maintain a strong foundation for the future of Jewish people.  JewCCY fosters relationships, creates bonds and educates participants through social, religious and social action experiences.  JewCCY seeks to create a coalition of Jewish teens within the Greater New Orleans area, including, but not limited to, Congregation Temple Sinai, Congregation Gates of Prayer and  Touro Synagogue.  JewCCY is an integral part of the larger southern Jewish community including Henry S. Jacobs Camp, NFTY and many other organizations.

JewCCY exists to create an inclusive Jewish community, sustain strong friendships and Jewish identity, and empower youth leaders through action.

JewCCY – for 9th-12th graders

JewCCY Jr. – for 6th-8th graders

JewCCY Jewce – for 3rd-5th graders

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